Episode 10: Vaccine Remorse:

What to do if You've Already Vaxxed

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How the TRUE number of injuries and deaths far exceed the “official” government figures — which rely upon voluntary reporting

Why Big Pharma and global governments are pushing unapproved, experimental vaccines upon billions of people worldwide — and how their allies in Big Tech and the corporate media are censoring respected doctors who uncovered the real science

Which safer, effective alternatives to the “gene vaccine” people can use to treat COVID – a virus 99% survivability rate

And how you can stand up for your right to Health Freedom against vaccine tyranny

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Episodes Schedule

Episode 1: Vaccine Truth: Dispelling the Myths

Episode 2: Vaccine Cover up: The TRUE Number of Deaths & Injuries

Episode 3: Vaccine Pushers: Driving False Narratives

Episode 4: Vaccine Unknowns: The Greatest Human Experiment Ever

Episode 5: Vaccine Risks: Harm to Women and Children

Episode 6: Vaccine Alternatives: Safe & effective Treatments that are “Cancelled”

Episode 7: Vaccine Tyranny: Fear Factor, Coerced into Compliance

Episode 8: Vaccine Freedom: Your right to Say NO

EPISODE 10: Vaccine Remorse: What to do if You’ve Already Vaxxed

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